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Norman Solovay
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Norman Solovay

Educational and Early Legal Training:
Cornell University, B.A.
Lieutenant, US Army, Legal Officer (Korean War) (prior to law school)
Columbia Law School, LL.B. (Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar, Law Review Editor)
Associate: Rosenman, Goldmark, Colin & Kaye
Law Secretary (Justice Charles D. Breitel)

Norman’s career as a litigator described more fully in his Mediators + More biography referenced above has led to his continued inclusion in the New York Trial Lawyers Association’s list of New York’s 100 best trial lawyers. But he views that listing as significantly at odds with his focus over the past decade on settling rather than trying cases. Accordingly, he takes greater pride in his more recent election to membership in the selective National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals resulting from his reputation for resolving domestic and international disputes out of court.

Norman originally came to ADR because the senior partner of the law firm whose litigation department Norman headed was Chair of the American Arbitration Association. As a result, in addition to a wide variety of litigations, Norman became heavily involved in arbitrations, and after conducting a uniquely long and precedent setting international arbitration, was invited to write the first of his three ADR book dealing with commercial arbitration. It took two more ADR books (which included mediation) before he could call himself a qualified mediator. By that time, however, after having served as a mediator in dozens of randomly assigned and varied cases for the US District Court in New York City as well as for various private commercial, entertainment, family and trust and estates disputes, mediation became Norman’s normal first choice for resolving disputes quickly and economically. So it should be no surprise that one of the recently formed practice areas described below involves a group named Mediators + More dedicated to eliminating some of the concerns now frequently raised about the process.

In addition, however, Norman has also become known as a practitioner and proponent of other settlement techniques, including Collaborative Law and Med-Arb, described in full in his Mediators + More biography.

That reputation led to his being recruited several years ago to chair the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) practice of a well known New York City law firm which helped him manage and expand a diverse general practice that has always accompanied his prior successful litigation career. However, he learned the lesson that many of his ADR colleagues already knew — what with conflicts and other problems, law firms were often more of a hindrance than a help to ADR practices. Pursuant to a compromise solution Norman resigned as a partner and formed his own firm under the name of the Solovay Practice to handle and grow his ADR practice while operating it out of the same offices. Continuing friendly connections with his former partners enable him, with their assistance where necessary, to service his general practice and, as expected, his ADR practice has taken off. To better manage it Norman has formed The Solovay Practice as an umbrella organization to facilitate dealings with, among others, the three interesting practice areas described below.

Mediators + More

Mediation has become the increasingly preferred choice for replacing both litigation and arbitration wherever feasible. The rapid expansion of mediation has, however, raised concerns about such matters as mediator quality and credentialing, including whether substantive knowledge about specific matters in dispute should be required of Mediators. Mediators + More was designed to eliminate those concerns by making available a highly talented group of lawyer-mediators selected for their diverse experience, proven judgment and specialized substantive knowledge which can enhance the potential for creative resolution of even intractable appearing disputes.

It was initially organized by Norman Solovay and Mark Maged who were both convinced of the desirability of offering disputing parties the ability to choose such mediators. Mediators + More’s impressive membership roster (as reflected in their biographies which can be viewed by clicking the link below) is confirmation of that conviction.

Mark’s biography, which was the original inspiration for this organization, reflects a uniquely distinguished career in finance and business following thirteen years as corporate law partner in an important law firm. The others in the group have comparably impressive biographies: All have enjoyed outstanding professional, business and/or public service careers. Some are highly regarded specialists in specific substantive areas such as complex domestic and international business transactions, employment law, divorce, medical malpractice, and intellectual property. Taken as a group, they can afford valuable insights into the resolution of the frequently subtle issues underlying many complex domestic and international disputes rarely found in former judges or, even, leading stand-alone generalist mediators.

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Global Collaborative Law Council

Norman was elected at the beginning of 2012 to serve as President of this organization which originated in Texas but has grown to include members all over the country and abroad. Its mission which Norman was chosen to advance is as follows:

  • Promote the use of the collaborative process for resolving civil disputes in various areas of law
  • Train lawyers and other professionals in the use of the process
  • Educate the public as to the benefits of the Process
  • Preserve the integrity of the collaborative dispute resolution process

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U.S. Branch Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC-US)

The IACC, with approximately 3,000 members throughout the USA and India, is the largest bilateral Indian organization of its kind with members ranging from large multinationals to smaller businesses and individuals with its primary purpose being to promote Indo-American business trade and economic relations. Norman, formed and became the first Chair of the US Branch which is dedicated to achieving those purposes.

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