NORMAN SOLOVAY: Election to the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals was based on mediating a wide range of domestic and international business and personal disputes. However, he was an early advocate and practitioner of now increasingly popular med-arb—a “hybrid” process in which the parties agree that their mediator will (in the relatively rare instances where it is necessary) arbitrate unresolved issues. It has been gaining special recognition for obtaining arbitration awards enforceable under the NY Convention at a fraction of the cost and time of a typical international arbitrations, as an impasse-breaker in collaborative law matters, as well as for resolving probate and many other types of disputes where a final resolution is deemed essential but interest based mediation is still a first choice. (Click for biography)

MARK  J. MAGED: Unusually varied and high level executive experience developed after being recruited by and eventually replacing James Wolfensohn as head of a major bank has conferred corporate problem solving abilities now available to settle sensitive, difficult to resolve domestic and international financial and other types of business disputes. (Click for biography)

VIVIAN BERGER: Skills and experience developed while serving as an active Columbia Law School professor and in the course of mediating over 500 primarily employment related disputes, including Discrimination, Whistleblower, Civil Rights and other related claims. (Click for biography)

PETER BERNBAUM: Many prior years of intensive business law experience with special emphasis on the entire range of legal transactions and matters for clients in the Cable and Broadcast Television, Satellite Programming, New Media and Emerging Technologies industries, coupled with intensive training in and practice of mediation and other settlement skills which he is now also teaching to law students. (Click for biography)

STEPHEN GILBERT: Stephen Gilbert holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Chemical Engineering and spent 7 years as a chemical process engineer and consulting engineer, before which he worked as a computer programmer.  After attending law school, he became a patent, trademark, and copyright attorney.  After over two decades as a partner at a major multi-national law firm (the last 3 of which he was co-leader of the firm’s intellectual property practice), he found the Alternative Dispute Resolution work he did to be the most intellectually challenging, interesting, and satisfying part of his practice and left his law firm to focus on ADR work full time.  The range of matters Mr. Gilbert has handled spans the full spectrum of the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). (Click for  biography)

ROBERT STRANIERE: 24 years of important Legislative service with responsibility for NY State Assembly floor debate and reconciling conflicting party positions on legislative bills which required the ability to understand and accommodate divergent points of view and develop a consensus, conducted alongside a successful general practice with special emphasis on the Financial Service industry and service as a Magistrate Judge, is now available and equally useful for the mediation of a wide variety of disputes with special applicability to public policy ones. (Click for biography)

BARRY BERKMAN: The law firm of Berkman Bottger Newman & Rodd, LLP is viewed as one of New York’s most respected matrimonial law firms known for settling rather than litigating cases wherever possible, based on the reputation of its founding partner, Barry Berkman, as one of the country’s outstanding divorce mediators and collaborative lawyers. (Click for biography)

CHRIS STERN HYMAN: A health care lawyer who has become a full-time mediator. She specializes in mediating health care lawsuits and conducts research on the effect of mediating medical malpractice cases. As a trainer she helps health care professionals learn mediation’s communication skills to use in the difficult conversations with patients and families after an adverse event or medical error. (Click for biography)


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